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  • Ashlee Byrd | School Counselor

    Hydesville Student Support Services

    Hydesville Elementary School offers support and assistance to our students, Kindergarten through 8th grade, through a variety of programs. Hydesville School Counselor, Ashlee Byrd is on campus Monday and Wednesday, if you have any questions regarding the student support services.

    Second Step: A Violence Prevention Curriculum – A universal prevention program taught to all grade levels for 30 minutes per week throughout the school year by Mrs. Byrd, Hydesville School Counselor. This program is designed to promote social competence and reduce social and emotional problems by teaching skills in the core areas of (1) empathy, (2) emotional management including impulse control, emotion regulation, anger management and (3) social problem solving. Take-home parent letters are sent home to provide details about the lessons and suggestions for families to support and encourage learning.

    Steps to Respect: A Bullying Prevention Program – A level 1 prevention program taught by Mrs. Byrd to all 3rd grade students for 30 minutes per week upon completion of the Second Step program. This program is designed to practice friendship-making skills, learning to recognize bullying behavior, learning to respond to bullying behavior and learning how to reach out to someone who is being bullied. Starting next school year this program will be implemented in the 4th grade (level 2) & 5th grade (level 3) as well.

    Counseling and Guidance Services – Is offered to all students in order to improve communication, foster social skill development and healthy decision-making. Counseling Services are aimed at creating a safe and positive school environment for all students and may include, but are not limited to the following: Individual Counseling, Group Counseling, Friendship Groups. Permission from parents/guardians and a completed referral form is required for participation.

    Academic Counseling – Is offered to 8th grade students to discuss and review educational options including high school graduation requirements, high school course requests, vocational and trade school options and/or other alternatives for the future.

    No Bully Solution Team – Hydesville School is now taking part in the No Bully Program (TM), which is a step-by-step process and set of interventions designed to prevent and stop bullying. The No Bully Program (TM) is being endorsed by the Humboldt County Office of Education and several of our staff members attended trainings to bring back to our school. Your child may have the opportunity to take part in the solution team process which involves a group of students, facilitated by School Counselor Mrs. Byrd, solving a bullying situation.

    6th – 8th grade Second Step Lesson Sequence (6th – 8th grade Second Step Lessons.pdf 145.84 KB)…
    4th – 5th grade Second Step Lesson Sequence (4th – 5th grade Second Step Lessons.pdf 119.91 KB)…
    1st – 3rd grade Second Step Lesson Sequence (1st – 3rd grade Second Step Lessons.pdf 168.13 KB)…
    Kindergarten Second Step Lesson Sequence (Kindergarten Second Step Lessons.pdf 175.68 KB)…

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