Today was very special. In class we are focusing on learning how to be first graders. The students are learning to be very independent. A huge part of my philosophy is called Growth Mindset. Embracing a growth mindset means many things. It means letting go of ideas that there is only right and wrong, that mistakes are bad, that we need to be perfect or else…It means embracing mistakes as opportunities. It means never giving up. Having a growth mindset allows us to build perseverance and train our brains to do anything we set our hearts to do.
To help students understand this, I read them a series of three books by Peter H. Reynolds and we make art projects tied to the core ideas of the growth mindset. We did our first one today after reading The Dot. If you have time, checkout our growth mindset board in the hall. It helps us know and embrace the language we can use to help our students grow.
Feel free to ask me questions about this and if you are interested in learning more you can look up Carol Dweck,the mastermind behind all the growth mindset research

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